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A Note of Inspiration from Megan Renee

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I am a graduate student and as such have to do an awful lot of writing on a regular basis. My biggest struggle with this has been editing constantly as I try to write. has given me a place to really let my ideas flow without worry about what they look like, how they sound, and whether they actually mean anything. I frequently use the site to springboard projects; I dump ideas here without censoring myself, and as a result I write more productively when I transition into the Word document. I tell everyone in school about this website!

Yesterday I was feeling discouraged to hear this site was becoming pay-only (as a graduate student it is very difficult to come up consistently with $5 per month even for something as valuable as this) – so the news today that I will get to keep my account for free is thrilling. I thank you for this, and I do plan on contributing when I can, in gratitude. I have grown so much in my creativity as a result of this website, and I want others to be able to experience the same joys and freedom I have found.

Testimonial Note from Megan Renee on Sun, Mar 31

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