The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Warwick Paul Onyeama

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Thanks for this very clear note confirming the forthcoming changes to the site. I have already stated my intentions to become a member and to continue writing here. I have been using this site for about eighteen months and would not know what to do without it. I completely understand why this has to become a pay-for-use site and am amazed at the way you have been able to run it on virtually good will alone, for as long as you have. Over the past seven months I have developed a habit of regular morning pages by typing here as soon as I get up. The cleverly placed badges have undoubtedly acted as motivators. When I finally publish my first novel I shall dedicate it to you both. Be assured of my best wishes in your changed circumstances.

Testimonial Note from Warwick Paul Onyeama on Sat, Mar 30

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