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A Note of Inspiration from Robert Collins

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I am a self-doubting grad student in the last stages of a Ph.D. (the dissertation). I’ve tried a number of tricks to get myself to write every day, the key to success on a big writing project. Writing is a habit I need to cultivate in the career I’ve chosen. And it’s not as if I haven’t written successfully in the past. All the same, the dissertation seems to summon up all the doubts I have ever felt about my ability to succeed, as well as memories of my assigned role, earlier in life, as the family screw-up. To my surprise, 750words has been the most effective method yet at getting me out of this recurring death spiral, in time to avoid the death part. Now, what’s funny about this is what my unfiltered writing about history does to the analytics (which I gather are never that accurate in the best of cases). The algorithm thinks I’m fixated on death and religion. — Anyway, thanks for the site, and I have already, in my second month, signed up to sponsor a monthly cup of patronage.

Testimonial Note from Robert Collins on Wed, Mar 27

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