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A Note of Inspiration from Amy Waterman

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I just sent Buster and family $50 for the 2013-2014 year of being on This site is worth $1000 a year to me. Let me tell you why:

I have written over 100,000 words on the site in the last three years, almost never on sequential days, ironically. I have never done a one month challenge. But, every day I think, “Write 750 Words” and after a few days, I have to, like a calling. Because of this site, I have been able to keep writing in a creative place in my life vs. turning it into a “getting it right” kind of writing by putting what I write creatively on another file on my computer.

I like Buster’s positive and accepting energy and his stories about his life. Yeah, new baby and new job! I like the badges and the tracking of words – they cheer me on a little. I was so shocked when I hit 100,000 words last year, because there was no painful, “Biggest Loser” goal-setting about it. It just happened.

I got divorced during this time and I wrote out my panic about starting over at 38 years old. Then I wrote about what I wanted my next chapter of my life to be in great detail. Lists of dreams of a great, new life poured out of me. I printed out one day’s list which felt deeply true and then I made it happen. It took 2.5 years. This site helped me find my true north and to stay true to it. I am happy, at peace, and in love.

This February, I went to a writer’s workshop in Guatemala and everyone was talking about how hard it is to write consistently and I was like, “Really? No it’s not, actually.” I am currently planning to write a book that has been throbbing inside of me for a while. I will probably write it on this site.

Many thanks to the inspiring community members I don’t know who are doing this and to Buster, who made this possibility happen in the world. Amy

Testimonial Note from Amy Waterman on Mon, Mar 25

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