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A Note of Inspiration from Tahlen'Ri

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I have always wanted to do the entire morning-pages routine for a long time, but two things hindered me—first my severe hate of mornings, second my reluctance to write long-hand. I think I managed to get in two entries, and that notebook is currently gathering a ton of dust. This site has been an incredible find. I now write everyday, and always get my 750+. Sometimes I vent, other times I world-build for my story, and still others I just ramble. In all cases, I get something written, and afterwards I feel a sense of accomplishment—hopefully, after a few months of this, I’ll see definite improvements in my overall writing ability.

This is a great idea—I am even willing to pay by a monthly basis to keep up with it. :)

Testimonial Note from Tahlen'Ri on Mon, Mar 11

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