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A Note of Inspiration from Shannon D

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I love this site so much. I majored in English Literature in college and used to write every single day. Writing was an important part of my life until I finished law school, had kids, got a house, and got real responsibilities. My oldest son if 15 years old if that gives you any indication as to how long it has been since I’ve had a writing practice. I picked up the artists way and was googling how many typed words morning pages should be and I found this site. My streak has never ended. I’m on day 142 and I can not get enough. I’m just figuring out how the badges and the site works. But I am most enjoying just getting in the habit of writing again. It is such a wonderful stress reliever and it makes me a better person, a better mom, and just more at peace. I hope that I never stop. And I hope that this site never stops even if the price goes up however much it needs to after April 1st. At this point, it is priceless to me and I am more than willing to pay. I am so motivated by the badges and I am so much better after I come here and unload. Thank you so much Buster for keeping this going. I hope you realize how many lives you are touching. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. :)

One Month Challenge Bounty from Shannon D on Fri, Mar 01

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