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A Note of Inspiration from amber dawn pullin

1 cup

I’ve been signed up to this site for a long time but it’s never been a motivational writing site for me. Until February 1st, that is. I decided to take up the task of following through with attempting to do something that I love (which is write) and so I’ve done it, each day so far this month, meeting the goal or exceeding it. And now I discover it’s going to turn into a paid site. After all this time. Well now. So it goes. I have paid for a cup of patronage tonight because I do enjoy this site. However, I’m not sure that 50/year is a good idea. I mean, I pay 25 for Flickr, ya know? But I like coffee. And I admire the spirit this site had that inspired many to write. I don’t know yet if I will complete the February challenge. I definitely don’t know what I will do come March. But I do wish all the best for the patrons of this site and the creator. This wasn’t exactly a ‘Note of Inspiration’, eh?

Testimonial Note from amber dawn pullin on Tue, Feb 12

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