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A Note of Inspiration from Ben Holder

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I find that the “streak effect” is one of the only motivational systems that works for me. Because of this, 750 words has been perfect. I am not a writer, I would like to eventually write a book, but other than that I have no need to write durring the day. Never the less, I find that using this site as a daily journal for my life and my feelings and thoughts is beneficial. When I read back to posts from last week, last month, last year, I see things in myself that I had forgotten about; things that have changed in me emotionally, or changed in my circumstances. I am able to notice the changes that happen so subtly I don’t see them in day to day life. I find that this is a very centering exercise. Thank you 750 words, I would not have a problem paying monthly for the site, and I think if a dollar or two a month was made the standard, most people would have no issue paying that to keep the site and their streaks running.

Testimonial Note from Ben Holder on Sat, Jan 26

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