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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Marc Mongeon

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Let users post to Facebook

I’m new to the site and I’m not the most avid writer, but even so, news of its impending demise distresses me. If it’s down to the cost of a coffee per month, I’ll sign myself up, and judging by the testimonials here, I guess I’m not alone. But if it’s a question of increasing membership, then I have a modest proposal: reach out to the socially-networked demographic by giving the members of 750words who choose to publish their writing a simple option to publish to their Facebook account. The Facebook post might read “I’ve just written X words at” with a link to the user’s stats for the day. It’s certainly less stupid than most posts I see on my Facebook page on a given day. I think the challenge for this site is not to appeal to a larger demographic, but to take full advantage of the demographic that would support the site if only they knew of its existence.

New Feature Request Note from Marc Mongeon on Fri, Jan 25

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