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A Note of Inspiration from Nivair

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After years of not writing—the first significant amount of time I’ve spent not writing since I first picked up a pencil at six years old—returning to this site helped me start picking up the pieces of my soul. It’s private; it allows me to get my thoughts out, unfiltered, so I can start (or finish) the day with a clearer head; and there’s no judgment. (It’s also minimally formatted so I can do it at work and not feel too paranoid about someone catching sight of my monitor!) I think it’s incredibly noble of Buster to want to keep the site free, but the sad fact is that not everything can be free because of the society we live in right now, and the other fact is that he and Mario deserve compensation for the good work they’ve done. I’m praying for the site to go paid, if it has to in order to stay alive, and if it’s an option I’ll sponsor as many free accounts as I can.

Testimonial Note from Nivair on Wed, Jan 23

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