The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Sonja B.

1 cup

If this site would shut down my heart would probably break, so I am willing to pay for it.
I believe that proposing a basic version of this site for just 4$ a month would make it available for everyone. At the same time the version with additional options (that many of us already suggested here) could be available for a bigger sum for those who can and are willing to conribute more, would allow a development of this site! So it would both stay easily available and start growing.

I see a lot of good will here and I see the potential in this site so to just show my support for its growth and continuity, I am adding my cup of patronage. When we see the good things, we should be willing to support them! BTW, greetings from Poland – this site is used by people outside of US and they, like me, enjoy it!

Testimonial Note from Sonja B. on Wed, Jan 16

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