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A Note of Inspiration from Christine Hamman

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I’ve already commented about this on the 750 words tumblr announcement about the possible end of this site, but I decided to increase my patronage just to show that I really am willing to go above and beyond to keep this site afloat:

I currently teach at a Title I school in Texas and I have recently given my students the option to earn extra credit by signing up and participating at this website. In the past week, I have seen these students find a joy in writing that they haven’t before. They enjoy the online component, the freedom to write what they want, and the fun they get out of seeing all the various statistics. For some of them, it is the ONLY writing they have done all year, the only thing they really feel proud of having done when it comes to writing, and the only way I have come up with to get them motivated. I know it would break some of their hearts to find the site shut down as some of them are just now earning their penguin badges. I’ve also found myself caring so much more about daily writing, showing my students that if I can do it, so can you. I’ve found a renewed joy in writing and in my teaching. I would be willing to pay a teacher membership fee so that my students wouldn’t have to foot the bill of a membership. Hell, I’d be willing to donate quite a large sum if it would help keep the site afloat. And also, I am sure that someone SOMEWHERE registered for the site might be happy to help run the site in your absence (I’m referring of course to your second option for the future of this website). I guess I’m coming to you on my knees: for the sake of these students, for the sake of their writing futures, please do not shut this site down. I will do all that I can to make sure that doesn’t happen, because it’s brought them so much inspiration and confidence in the past week and a half than nearly anything else in our classroom has.

Testimonial Note from Christine Hamman on Tue, Jan 15

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