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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Kell Willsen

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Anti-badges for non-writing

Coming back to after a long absence, I realise that I will have to write for 200 days before I get a new badge. I’m already facing discouragement from my long dry spell, and I considered making new log-in details in order to get a clean slate. Then I had an idea:
What if you could lose badges for days of non-writing? Or have them cancelled/crossed out? So, if you go one day without writing, you’d lose your egg badge. Then get it back again when you resumed writing daily. The longer you go without writing, the harder it is to get back to it. You think, “I’ve already broken my streak, so it doesn’t matter if I lose another day.”
I’d like to keep my account, rather than start a new one, because I did build up success in the past, and it’s nice to be able to revisit it. (Maybe crossing badges out is better than making them disappear, after all) However, I could use some encouragement to get back to writing. Thanks.

New Feature Request Note from Kell Willsen on Thu, Oct 25

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