The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Vicki Foust

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I didn’t realize, I have been writing morning pages for seven months now. Not all have been online, on 750words. There was a learning curve, when I went to the Keys and realized my internet service was non-existent, I lost my “no missing a day” streak then. The next hurdle has been once again the internet and now add in the weather. Some days I just do not have service. But I write, every day. Every day I long to log on my page here and write more. For the first time I am near completion of a novel. In the past I just heaped piles of unfinished ideas in the corner. Finally, something that works. Write your words, 750words!

Testimonial Note from Vicki Foust on Fri, Oct 12

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