The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Jim Meyer

1 cup

Never underestimate the power of a cheap icon. I started writing 750 words a day in April, but didn’t go for the challenge; that started in May, and I was doing well. Hadn’t missed a day, hadn’t even skipped a beat. Time to feel smug. Then the stomach flu swept through my house, starting on a day when I hadn’t done my words in the morning. That was a big mistake! As the clock inched its way toward midnight, I managed to find just the right moment between fits of nausea to crawl over to my computer and pound out 751 words. Without cheating! All because I needed that Badge of Awesomeness. Wow. So in the end, score it 750 Words – 1, Intestinal Flu – 0.

Testimonial Note from Jim Meyer on Sat, Jun 05

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