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A Note of Inspiration from Naomi Butterfield

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Thank you for the ability to schedule days off! I had signed up for this site a couple years ago (gasp) and then fell away from it. I “found” it again recently and have been keeping up my writing here since then. I haven’t been perfect — one day this month I meant to come back and finish and then plum forgot. But the ability to schedule days has been invaluable! I was travelling and wasn’t sure how reliable an internet connection would be. On days when I had internet, I would write on the site and cancel that day’s scheduled time off. On days when I didn’t have an internet connection, I would write offline, thereby keeping my habit up, without worrying about “breaking” a streak. Really, what I’m happiest about is that my writing here has become habit. What a wonderful gift!

Testimonial Note from Naomi Butterfield on Fri, Sep 28

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