The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Rikki Hyperion

3 cups

In mid-May, 750 Words glitched a completed entry on me—erasing some 300 words as if they’d never existed, ending a 40+ day run and knocking me out of the Monthly Challenge. And every day, my bitter streak received an irritatingly cheery reminder—"Oops, looks like you fell out of the running."

On the last Saturday in May, I sat down with a video game. After facing defeat at the hands of its grueling final boss, I returned to my computer…and discovered that I had six minutes before midnight. Sure, that’s not too late to copy-and-paste. But the fact that I’d just self-pwned, three days before the finish line, was indisputable. “Karma,” my mother would say.

Resentment is worthless. Laughing it off is better.
The pursuit is the thing. Like all the other games I play.

So, 750 Words: thanks for the diva-check. Let’s call it even. ❤

Testimonial Note from Rikki Hyperion on Tue, Jun 01

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