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A Note of Inspiration from sandi kohler

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Congratulating myself! Today is the first full month I have written every day for any one month I’ve been a member – around 1.5 years. I use the site strictly for writing Morning Pages as in the Artist Way program, which uses free flow writing. Some days I just don’t make it here unless I do it first thing in morning which I finally am getting better at!

I rarely look at stats nor days completed. I just do the 750 words and more – sometimes copy out paras for a separate electronic journal. I found watching the stats interferes too much with the “free writing” part of the program for me. I think too much then. However, I did just have a lot of fun seeing what a whole month of days in a row brought about – happy to see I am pretty positive – more then in the past.

I have tried to do whole month’s, as a goal and other harder talks to self, but have never made it until this one. Yeah for me! Ironically, it is also a month when I just said on the first day, “Oh well, I give up, this is what I want, but will not obsess over it any more. Some days are just difficult…” And here I am.

I also find I had bought these cups of patronage and not used them – so, here, a couple cups raised to you all & especially to Buster and Mario for making this great site!

As an AW user of it, who never felt quite safe leaving inner thoughts lying around in paper pads, I love the privacy factor and the fact my typing has improved tremendously ;-)

Testimonial Note from sandi kohler on Sat, Jun 30

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