The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Saudah Jones

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I started 750words sometime back in February because I saw it somewhere on the internet and it looked like a cool idea. It was. I struggled to write my first 750 words, but I manged to. I’m sure it took more than twenty minutes! I had managed to keep a decent streak until my 40th something day, when I waited a bit too late to start. I was greatly upset, and decided to take a little break. I then started making sure I wrote my words, not to keep up a streak, but it go through a daily cleansing of my mind. I would journal about my day, and at the end, read it to reflect on myself.

Thank, Buster. So far it’s been quite the ride.

Testimonial Note from Saudah Jones on Tue, May 29

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