The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Amy K.

6 cups

Don’t forget to do your artist’s date once a week as well as your morning pages. Artist’s date is one hour a week where you spend doing something fun. Some examples are: skipping stones on a pond, visiting a museum, going to a movie by yourself, taking photos of things that are blue, painting, drawing, rollerskating, going to the fish store and buying a fish, vintage clothing shopping, making a wood birdhouse, planting a succulent garden, taking a dance class, making a pillow, rearranging furniture…. or anything that fills you up and makes you feel like a kid again. Warning: other people and events will try to encroach on your artist’s date- be prepared to protect that hour with all your might.

Testimonial Note from Amy K. on Wed, May 02

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