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A Note of Inspiration from Don Corcoran

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While this may sound negative in the outset understand that it’s meant to inspire, if not a little out of fear. I mean, I did py 4 bucks to write it to you so I can’t be that upset over the process :)

So here it is, fair warning kind writers, missing a day is a punch in the gut. I started mid month and have been chugging along, wracking up points and feeling really good about the process. Yesterday I failed, yesterday I only wrote 250 words… my percentage went from 100% of the days I started I finished to 89% of the days I started I finished. It will never be 100% this month (God, I hope that % restarts in June as I believe it does). Theres no little dot beside the day in the THIS MONTH page. I’m pulling in points for a spare instead of a strike. If this were my one month challenge my name would be on the wall of shame. I would bet the number of people that start the One Month Challenge that miss a day probably stop all together – Buster would know better than I.

While we can’t let such setbacks get to us and just keep on writing I will send forth this word of warning – beware! Missing a day can really take the wind out of your sails. It becomes a thorn in your side, a niggling reminder of a day you didn’t keep up you end of the bargain to yourself.

So now I have to get back into the road to recovery, limp along trying to ignore the gaping wound I’ve created and hope I keep going on my journey without faltering long enough that the wound heals and I go back to my steady run.

Good luck!
- Don

Testimonial Note from Don Corcoran on Thu, May 20

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