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A Note of Inspiration from Stephanie Van Aken

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Group Patron notes into threads by type

The notes part of the Patron page as it exists is kind of a mess. The way every note is displayed in strict chronological order, and the frequency at which these notes get posted, ends up discouraging people from reading through past notes. I hate seeing interesting testimonials and brand new (or easily implementable) features get buried under tons of people asking for the same things over and over again, or, worse, features that already exist. If there were a way to browse notes by category (i.e, you’d see a sub-grouping of Testimonial notes, Challenge Bounty notes, Double-Down notes, etc.). There could also be sub-organization of the vote notes, by the different features being “voted” for.

Also, other ways of sorting the notes would be cool too. I might be interested in browsing the notes by cup count, or by upvote/downvote count (people can “like” and “dislike” notes from the Disqus plugin, and this would be a neat way to find really interesting notes).

New Feature Request Note from Stephanie Van Aken on Sat, Apr 07

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