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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Sharon

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More badges for accomplishments

First, I’m wondering whether there are badges that are not documented on the News page about the Badges … since that seems to indicate it’s not updated regularly. If so, could it please be updated so we know what we’re shooting for?

Aside from having a few more milestones between 100 and 200, 200 and 365, 365 and 500 consecutive days of writing, I would like to request somehow tracking EACH time a milestone was achieved. For example, if a person earns the turquoise horse for completing a one-month challenge, and then completes a second one-month challenge, could the badge show the date of the second achievement as well (and subsequent ones, too)? If I write 50k words in each of several months, it would be cool to have that noted on the achievements page under the badge….

Thank you for considering!

I’ve learned so much about writing, about myself, and about motivation, in the last six months since joining

Warm regards!

New Feature Vote from Sharon on Sun, Apr 01

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