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A Note of Inspiration from Sara Chatfield

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Change the way the ranking is calculated.

I’d like to see the rankings changed to account for ties in a clearer way. It’s a little annoying to see “You’re in 153rd place!” when I have exactly the same number of points as the person in 1st place! I’m not sure how the rankings are calculated with ties, but I assume it has something to do with when people write their words, and since I’m on the Pacific Coast, I’m never going to catch up to people in earlier time zones. I’d like to see the ties counted as all the same place (so, tied for 1st or 3rd or whatever), or base it on something more meaningful than when you wrote your entry (maybe accounting for words per minute, streak length, or something like that).

New Feature Request Note from Sara Chatfield on Tue, May 11

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