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A Note of Inspiration from Ryan Murray

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At the start of this year I came across the book, The Artist’s Way. And despite all the mumbo jumbo in the book I found a useful tool, the morning pages. I loved the writing the morning pages, but when I found 750 words dot com, my journal got ditched.

Why I loved the journal and 750 words:
• The journal works equally good as 750 word as a place to dump the stuff that is going all in my head, to free some space so I can think things through.
• I feel as if since I have a rather modestly large target I take time to reflect in a way acting as a scaffold to allow me to process my thoughts more

Why in the end I have dumped my journal
• I actually write more on 750 words than my journals because am part of that generation that grew up as screenagers. It is more natural for me to type for a longer period of time than write it down.
• It maybe very sad of me to confess this but I find the badges a great motivator
• The daily nudge keeps me fired up when I see that others have not kept up with the monthly challenge. This brings out my competitive side.
• I also find the test analysis systems to be very affective at times and have really gave me a little insight into me.

So in short: thanks for the kick ass site.

Testimonial Note from Ryan Murray on Mon, May 10

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