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1 cup
just a bug fix

Yesterday, I was having difficulty getting my account to work. It may have been because I was switching from the web to the mobile and back and forth again, or it could have been the bad karma of not having bought a cup of patronage on the first of May like I told myself I would. I alleviated the patronage karma problem today and have since taken my settings back to defaults as opposed to the personalized settings of black background and green text that I like the best. Hopefully that will fix all my woes, but my 47 day streak was broken. I wrote about 1000 words and then lost a bunch of them, so I just cut and pasted 500 words in as a replacement for my lost cause. Maybe the program was smart enough to know what i did and took those words away, but it had previously said i was up to 1000 words. Why would it try to trick me? Is there a way to fix my Saturday broken chain That shouldn’t have been a broken link?

New Feature Request Note from Daniel Bayer on Sun, May 09

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