The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Theresa A. Zeitz-Lindamood

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Over the past 39 days, 750 Words has become a definite sort of purification ritual for me.

I write down those things that my brain gets stuck on, like to-do lists and situations that bother me, self-criticism and frustration — because of this, my thinking is clearer because I’ve purged myself of negative thoughts. I also write about plans for the future, childhood memories that have come to mind suddenly, plans for projects (I’m an art student)… I love that there’s no format or requirements or expectations. I’ve never gone back to read what I wrote; it’s writing just for writing’s sake. I always feel more centered after I do my 750.

Testimonial Note from Theresa A. Zeitz-Lindamood on Fri, May 07

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