The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Chris Glover

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Since I found 750 Words, I have written more than I ever have in my life at one time. Shortly after getting my penguin, I made a contract with myself to finish one of the novels I have been “working” on for years now. Today is my 50th day of novel writing, and I have over 75% of my goal complete.

While I use 750 Words as a bounce board, a place to contemplate and complain, or just to record my daily happenings, it has mostly been a way for me to motivate myself. It serves as a great writing warm-up, and sometimes a much needed distraction. When I finally get that Phoenix badge, I will probably run around the house bragging – just 39 more days!

Thanks so much Buster for this great service!

Testimonial Note from Chris Glover on Thu, May 06

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