The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Kay Vreeland

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Things 750words happily drives me to: discovering mythical creatures to people my inner world: a Pandora’s box of inner aglooliks and bahamuts and chenoos. The clicks of creativity that come from a daily practice are finally worth the pain of just doing it every day. Here is a place I get a little boost, a little badge, a little sense of “you’re doing it right.” The obstacle that blocked me for some time was the complexity of rewards and my unexpected jones for winning. At 50 days now the drive to write and the really good turns of phrase that have begun to pop up have blessedly taken over from the endless searches for my name on all the lists. I want 750words to take me to Miss Helma Zukas’ state of being “satisfied by the activity, indifferent to the results.” I love this space, and although its indifference to my will to win affirmation makes me wrestle with it, coming back every day and just writing is the ultimate gift 750words has given me. Thanks.
I hope to get to Bedlam to meet Buster before too long! Now, back to writing!

Testimonial Note from Kay Vreeland on Fri, Jan 20

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