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A Note of Inspiration from Radek Pogoda

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I used to work on short task descriptions – mostly lists, mind maps, tasks in TO-DO’s and similar. They were only empty bullet points, that made my head keeping all the associated emotions, feelings and pictures.
It was supposed to be effective… Was supposed to wake my mind up and inspire it for more achievement and focus. It gave me fuzzy mind, lots of unfinished ideas in my noisy mind and all distractions thinkable to man… I hate this faze of my life… I feel like I constrained myself for over 10 years of forced, emotionless planning.

It all changed when I heard Jim Rohn and his speech about a JOURNAL. I listened to it tens of times… Then it was business as usual – I bought a fancy journal, even fancier pen and… did nothing, because I was afraid to use it and was always busy, busy, busy…

I saw 750words for the first time in autumn and I instantly loved it. Pity I was waiting to join my first monthly challenge until January… I could’ve done so much more in the meantime… ;)

Good luck to all of you who rediscover thinking on journal-paper – even when it’s not the real one, but only bits of encrypted data… ;) Good luck my friends!

Testimonial Note from Radek Pogoda on Sat, Jan 07

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