The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Armi Rowe

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Thank you to 750 Words bring the swift kick in the butt I need every day to remind me that writing needs to be much higher on my priority list for personal happiness. After every 750 Words log-in session, I am able to work through any mental or physical blocks and move closer to my goals, whether personal, career or family. I noticed after a 10-day streak that I no longer needed to mind dump…the creativity flowed through like the blood pumping through my veins. When the holidays hit, I hit road bumps that messed with streak-making and the writing blocks challenged me in every direction. So here I am, on day 4 of my streak this month, hopeful that I can once again tap into the creative super highway. I’m picking up speed and ready to merge…

Testimonial Note from Armi Rowe on Wed, Jan 04

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