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A Note of Inspiration from Pernille Hughes

1 cup

Am loving this site, but as my daily outpourings are on a host of different subjects, I would find it extremely useful if, at the end of the session, I could tag the entry with up to, say, three key words, that would make searching back through all the tripe, much quicker and easier.
For example, I might have written a new plot idea idea on project 2, a revision note for project 1 and a random thought for a future something, all in my 750 words. (I never claimed to be focussed, did, I?). At the end, I’d like to write a tag for each, which would appear in the date listings, that I can quickly jump back to.
As my 750 are written fairly quickly (for me) and often as a stream of conciousness, I really have no recollection of what I wrote 2 months ago on the Xth day of my streak. This would help. A lot.
Other than that – am loving it! (although a little scared of reports of people losing their saved words…)

Thanks again to both of you

New Feature Request Note from Pernille Hughes on Wed, Jan 04

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