The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Norman E Chapman III

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Everyday at around 9:10 am you remind me that I need to write 750 words. Whether I want to or not. I have done so for the past 186 days, and I am not sure there is any stopping. 750 words has made me more focused, much more disciplined, more concise, and much better at expressing myself. I started the last couple of days in June, after seeing it as a writing option on Evernote, and I was on my way. It has been a lot of fun, it has been a pain in my butt, sometimes simultaneously!! I have written consistently until I finish all at one sitting, and I have also written a couple of times through the day as life gets in the way. IT IS SOMETHING THAT MUST BE COMPLETED EACH AND EVERYDAY! It is kind of amazing because I will sometimes sit at the keyboard and think “I have nothing to write today”, and once I start it seems to flow, many times I am at 750 words before I know it but continue as I want to finish my thoughts or complete my story.

I have suffered from some severe losses over the past couple of years and this has been so cathartic as I can write what I feel, and not worry about what other’s think of it, or if it is even written well. Being unemployed 750 words has given me something to look forward to every day, and allows me to focus on my fears, my hopes, my joys as well as heartbreaks. I am still way too self-indulgent, whiny and self absorbed but it has shown me growth, maturity and allows me to better organize my thoughts. I have been told by a couple of people that my writing has improved and is more tighter, well thought out and executed.

Thank you Buster. I have always wanted to write but was always too lazy or undisciplined, inconsistent at best. 750 words has made me accountable and kept me on track. I believe it to be somewhat addictive as well because I have to write, everyday. I am not sure if I stop whether I will implode, but don’t intend to find out in the near future.

Be well Buster, and God Bless you. You are really doing a great thing!

Norm Chapman

Testimonial Note from Norman E Chapman III on Mon, Jan 02

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