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A Note of Inspiration from Jennifer Redelle Carey

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I joined on a kind of whim on the last day of NaNoWriMo 2011. I had planned on starting Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY on January first, but when I found 750 Words, I thought, why don’t I start the Morning Pages now. I also wanted to continue the writing momentum that NaNo had created. I am so glad that I have joined! I am finding my excitement for writing once again. I am working through emotions that I didn’t know were there. I am reclaiming my creativity. The cute bird badges are a nice little bonus too. In a month’s time, I accumulated eleven badges. My prized ones are the Awesome! horse I received on the 1st of January (and how I got my notes! But I will be donating too) and the flock of 100k birds I got on December 19th. Just 20 days in and I had gotten 100k. I’ve never written so many words in so short of a time before. Never have written 100k in a month, for that matter. So thank you for the site, Buster. Thank you for helping us challenge ourselves.

Testimonial Note from Jennifer Redelle Carey on Mon, Jan 02

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