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A Note of Inspiration from Stephanie Van Aken

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For the first several months, writing every day on this site was an experiment to see if I could write a consistent journal. Then, it became an all-consuming addiction to type out my thoughts and brainstorms at all hours until I obtained all of the badges. And now? With Space Bird being the only badge left to earn, typing out a thousand or so words daily is now a deeply-ingrained habit, for better or for worse. Sometimes typing so much to myself seems more self indulgent than it is helpful, but the site is here for when I need it for hardcore thought-dumping.

I will say this, though: I do like having a place I can make goals (and New Years resolutions!) where no one will else will see or judge them. Since some studies suggest that telling goals to others actually reduces the motivation to follow through on them, 750words is a great tool for holding oneself consistently accountable for their goals in private.

On another note, I get tired of hearing people whine about their broken streaks: if you missed writing for a day due to negligence (and not something uncontrollable like a network blackout), you need to pick yourself off the ground and be just that more motivated to restart it. The 387-day streak I’m currently on is not my first, and I don’t think I could have been nearly as dedicated to rebuilding it without the embarrassment I endured from forgetting to write for a day (and sulking for the next) a little more than a year ago.

Testimonial Note from Stephanie Van Aken on Sun, Jan 01

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