The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Kira Walsh

1 cup

I don’t always do my words. In fact, I only made it one day this month. But it’s great to know this site is always here when I need to brainstorm and when I need some incentive, there’s always the monthly challenge. The best part is, not only is this site here, but my Dad is, too. He joined 750words after I said how great it was and he is nearing a full year without a missed day and racking up the badges. I’m so proud of him and inspired by his dedicationl. When I do log in to do my words, I’m glad to know he’s there as part of the community, even when we’re geographically far apart. Merry Christmas, Dad! I love you! I raise this cup of patronage in your honor!

Testimonial Note from Kira Walsh on Sun, Dec 25

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