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A Note of Inspiration from David Amann

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Writing Exercises

It might be fun to have a list of different writing exercises. A list of different ways to spark creativity. Then each person could mark whether they had tried that exercise or not, and whether they liked it. Also, users could add exercises.

For example:

“Dictionary exercise: Pick up a dictionary. Turn to a word at random. Write for at least 5 minutes on that word.”


“Magazine picture exercise: Pick up a picture from a magazine. Describe the scene in detail. Make a story about what is going on in the scene.”

People could vote for their favorite exercises with cups of patronage. If an exercise gets enough cups of patronage, it might qualify for an achievement. If someone completes all the exercises that have had more than X number of cups of patronage pledged to it, they might get a different achievement badge.

This could be useful in sparking creativity, fostering community, and providing additional motivation.

Hope this helps,

New Feature Request Note from David Amann on Mon, Apr 12

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