The Friends & Members of 750 Words

750 Words exists because of mutual good will between the people that run this site (Buster & Kellianne) and the people who use it (you). The site wouldn't exist without the generosity, patience, and humor of everyone involved. For the first 3+ years that the site was running (Dec 2009 to May 2013), the site was free to use but with some encouragement to donate. That served us well (and most importantly, generated enough income to keep the site up), but as the site grew the need for support also grew.

On June 12th 2013, all existing users of the site were given lifetime free accounts (we hope you'll continue to donate when you can). New accounts created after June 12th, 2013 are now required to become members within 30 days after signing up in order to keep writing. Everyone will always have access to previous writings, stats, etc, even if they choose not to become members.

We're listening to your feedback and want to make sure that first and foremost, we offer a friendly and safe place for people to dump their private thoughts. I expect that we'll continue to adjust the way this all works for the near term. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Who runs this site?

Our names are Buster and Kellianne, we live in Berkeley, California with our son Niko, and this is something we've built and run in our spare time.

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Notes of inspiration from members

5 cups

Thank you, thank you, thank you Buster! This site is amazing! I have tried many times to do morning pages or at least some sort of daily writing but to no avail. Just yesterday I earned my Pegasus badge for a 365 day streak! That is amazing! Thanks for creating a place that I can come to every day and clear my head before starting my day. It has been an outlet for frustrations and a place to work out dilemmas and celebrate the craziness that is my life. I can’t thank you enough. The badges and challenges have kept me inspired and motivated. I am on my way to becoming a Space Bird and am so excited about it. Thanks for all you do for this site…you rock!

Testimonial Note from Patty Mathews on Sun, Dec 04
3 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from Anonymous on Sun, Dec 04
3 cups
Double Down on Charity Note from ME Doerfler on Sun, Dec 04
2 cups

I started with 750words in August and have just completed 100 days. It has changed my attitude towards writing.
I never thought I would hold out for such a long time. I love the badges, the monthly challenge (I have done two and signed up for the January challenge). 750 words has helped me in a lot of ways, including writing very short stories on my blog
Thank you, Buster for this wonderful place

Testimonial Note from Claude Covo on Sat, Dec 03
1 cup

Maybe I should be using this site for its intended purpose and not for fiction writing, but it has really helped me get all those story ideas out of my head and into a text file. I was worried I wouldn’t get a chance until I forgot them.

I probably won’t have time to edit all the writing to make it presentable, but I don’t mind. I’m just glad it’s there.

Testimonial Note from Claire Eiszele on Sat, Dec 03
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

They’d really help keep me and my obsessive collecting tendacies motivated.

New Feature Vote from Claire Eiszele on Sat, Dec 03
1 cup
Double Down on Charity Note from Matt J. Marlieu on Sat, Dec 03
2 cups

Here’s two more cups to the pot. Go get ’em.

One Month Challenge Bounty from Matt J. Marlieu on Sat, Dec 03
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

I feel that the badges are one of the driving forces behind this site. But I feel that there could be more offered. A badge for writing 1,000 words a day for a month would be kind of neat. And perhaps more badges to meet the greater day milestones. The mentality is similar to climbing a rock wall. Once I get to the next goal point, it’s easier to reach the next.

New Feature Vote from Matt J. Marlieu on Sat, Dec 03
1 cup

As I approach my first 365 days of continuous writing, I’m amazed at how much this simple task has helped my writing improve. On top of that It’s given me a new peace of mind. This site gives me the goal. The rest is up to me. 750words is better than therapy, and in the end I feel like I have something to show for my time.

Testimonial Note from Jack Fleischer on Fri, Dec 02
1 cup

Thanks to this website, I have finally successfully conquered NaNoWriMo!

Testimonial Note from Cerian Hier on Fri, Dec 02
1 cup

I used to be a writer that didn’t write. And now, I think, I am a writer who writes (and writes, and writes, and writes). And that change is all thanks to 750 Words. Even though I heard – time and time again – that writers are supposed to write every day, the task seemed so daunting. But 750 Words – with daily emails, badges, and so on – made it so easy (or, at least, easier) to take that leap and become someone who did write every day. Now, it’s part of my routine. A day hasn’t ended unless I’ve written my 750 (or 800, or 900) words. And, now, I can’t begin to imagine an alternative.

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Fri, Dec 02
1 cup

I use 750 words to write out my goals. I write about how I feel achieving my goals. I write about what I am going to do to make my goals a reality. I write about what I am thankful about.

By the end of my 750 words, I am buzzing with energy AND motivation to tackle the day. By the time I get around 500 words I CANNOT WAIT to start the day.

Thank you, 750 words :).

Testimonial Note from David Parker on Fri, Dec 02
5 cups

I have noticed that my writing speed has increased, my words are more coherent, and my ability to sit down and write something off the top of my head has gotten much more reliable. I really appreciate 750 words for helping me to achieve all of this. Thanks, Buster.

Double Down on Charity Note from Kellie Miller on Fri, Dec 02
1 cup

After struggling for literally YEARS trying to write Morning Pages regularly, I stumbled across 750words. This has been the perfect solution for me. I LOVE that it counts words as I type. The 750 word goal is short enough that I can complete it in under 15 minutes when I’m really stretched for time, but also long enough to keep me writing every day. I am thrilled by how this daily writing keeps me honest with myself and therefore more honest with everyone I encounter. is helping me to become more of the kind of person I want to be. Thank you so much for such a simple but brilliant solution!

Testimonial Note from Laura Hibberd on Fri, Dec 02
1 cup

I love that this site keeps track of how much time I spend writing. I never get my wordcount for the day done so quickly otherwise.

Testimonial Note from Mary Anne Hinkle on Fri, Dec 02
5 cups

I have written in journals and online at a variety of sites, blogging and other, but 750words is the one that is as close to a pocket journal as possible. It’s like my own little private corner where I go every day. It’s as much a part of my day as having that first cup of coffee. What an awesome site. Thank you, Buster.

One Month Challenge Bounty from Donna Peach on Thu, Dec 01
4 cups

Giddy up cowboy!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Nic Jones on Thu, Dec 01
3 cups

Sitting down to write every day has developed my dedication muscle beyond belief. It is now strong enough to feature on Record Breakers. Today I’m on a 123 day streak. 750 words I chuffin’ love you.

Testimonial Note from Nic Jones on Thu, Dec 01
2 cups

I’ve known for ages that writing every day is important, but it was always something I had difficulty with. I was sceptical of trying the 750words site, but when my friends got into it, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Now here I am, two days shy of reaching 100 days of writing every single day. That is nothing short of amazing, and I have this site to thank for it. Believe me… it’s completely worth trying it out.

Testimonial Note from Chibi Doucet on Thu, Dec 01
2 cups
More stats on the Eternity page
New Feature Vote from Melanie C-D on Thu, Dec 01
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

It sounds silly, but the little things keep you motivated!

New Feature Vote from Meredith Malburne-Wade on Thu, Dec 01
1 cup

I’m working on my dissertation and while I know that writing everyday keeps me focused and on track, it can be hard to do. 750words helps me stay on target, record notes, and, frankly, just churn out the pages. I feel better about my progress and my project. Thanks!

Testimonial Note from Meredith Malburne-Wade on Thu, Dec 01
8 cups
Double Down on Charity Note from Ed Turner on Thu, Dec 01
9 cups + Me = NaNoWriMo Conquered

(took more than 9 cups of coffee to get through, though…)

Testimonial Note from Marcus Ladd on Thu, Dec 01
1 cup

I’ve been trying for the past year to develop a habit of writing because my writing so often is sporadic and unfocused. Then I found this site and it is a great motivator to start writing every day; After writing a few paragraphs I start getting into a groove and my thoughts pour out of my head much more quickly. I love 750words!

Testimonial Note from Clare Stock on Thu, Dec 01
4 cups

I have some of the talent but none of the dedication required to be a writer. This site is helping me develop both. It’s brilliant, it’s become a part of my daily life and it’s helping me pursue something I’ve always loved on a really fundamental level. Thankyou, dude. The minute I get a few spare dollars together I’ll donate.

Testimonial Note from Lucy H-H on Thu, Dec 01
1 cup
Improved archive downloading & a Fiction Badge

Features I’d like to see implemented:

I’d like paragraphing in the txt files that one downloads of a month’s entries. It might be nice, also, to implement txt downloads of single entries.

Also, since it appears a lot of people besides myself use 750words for fiction, how about a badge for writing fiction, based on use of the metatag FICTION?

New Feature Request Note from Anonymous on Thu, Dec 01
4 cups

Completed NaNoWriMo, and am heading into my 4th month of writing. Thank you for everything that you have given me and others!

Double Down on Charity Note from Leslie Stewart on Thu, Dec 01
1 cup

I’ve been trying this site out to see if it would be useful for authors (and would-be authors). I was surprised and gratified by how much good stuff I wrote. After completing the November challenge I’ve blogged about 750words - and why I think it might be useful to fiction writers - on my official author site, A Truant Disposition:

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Thu, Dec 01