The Friends & Members of 750 Words

750 Words exists because of mutual good will between the people that run this site (Buster & Kellianne) and the people who use it (you). The site wouldn't exist without the generosity, patience, and humor of everyone involved. For the first 3+ years that the site was running (Dec 2009 to May 2013), the site was free to use but with some encouragement to donate. That served us well (and most importantly, generated enough income to keep the site up), but as the site grew the need for support also grew.

On June 12th 2013, all existing users of the site were given lifetime free accounts (we hope you'll continue to donate when you can). New accounts created after June 12th, 2013 are now required to become members within 30 days after signing up in order to keep writing. Everyone will always have access to previous writings, stats, etc, even if they choose not to become members.

We're listening to your feedback and want to make sure that first and foremost, we offer a friendly and safe place for people to dump their private thoughts. I expect that we'll continue to adjust the way this all works for the near term. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Who runs this site?

Our names are Buster and Kellianne, we live in Berkeley, California with our two sons (Niko and Louie) and this is something we've built and run in our spare time.

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Notes of inspiration from members

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Secure server for writing
New Feature Vote from James Carlyle on Wed, Dec 26
10 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from James Carlyle on Wed, Dec 26
10 cups

Have managed to get 100 days done after more than a year writing on a nearly daily basis. It has helped me a lot over the past year. Looking forward to the next one hundred. Thanks.

Testimonial Note from James Carlyle on Wed, Dec 26
10 cups

Today, I wrote my words for the 1,000th time in a row. I would never have been able to have the desire or motivation without this site, and I truly appreciate its creation and existence. Thank you so much for

Testimonial Note from Hal Tepfer on Tue, Dec 25
1 cup

Go Go Go!!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Ruby Wilbur on Tue, Dec 25
52 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from Anonymous on Sun, Dec 23
3 cups

I can’t believe that my streak has extended to 750 days! That is over 2 years and 770,000 words! This site is so wonderful and these past 2+ years have been so amazing. This is a great place to sort out the details that rattle around in my head. I get things out and can look at them objectively, make decisions, and plan for what I want to do. Who knew that I could stick with something for 750 days?! Amazing. Here’s to 750 more! Thanks Buster, and Happy Holidays!

Testimonial Note from Patty Mathews on Sun, Dec 23
1 cup

750 words is helping me against procrastination. I always work better with some level of “pressure”. Forcing my daily words out is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen.

Testimonial Note from Eduard Lopez on Sat, Dec 22
1 cup

It’s amazing how motivating the little cartoon badges are for not breaking a streak.

Testimonial Note from Barbara Labinger on Fri, Dec 21
1 cup

750 Words is a great tool for prioritizing, not just tasks, but thoughts and emotional energy. And that is a good thing.

Testimonial Note from Sarah on Fri, Dec 21
1 cup
Secure server for writing

This would be very cool!

New Feature Vote from Tara Neier on Thu, Dec 20
1 cup

I would just like to voice my idea about writing my words online vice longhand or even on my own software/computer. While the concept of writing morning pages is for the words not to be read again, some may find this impossible to live with. Myself, I covet my words, all words. I started writing when I was very young. I have slips of paper from over forty (+) years and counting. I do not go back and read them all but they do mean something to me. I cannot let them go. Some may find comfort here and some may not, that is the way of the world. I will attest that writing 750 words each day will change your life, so it is important to find the most comfortable spot to write and write, write, write!

Testimonial Note from Vicki Foust on Thu, Dec 20
1 cup

I love this site :) That is all.

Testimonial Note from Samantha Brannagan on Thu, Dec 20
10 cups
Let me pay with my credit card. No Paypal

I think I have already requested this. My patronage will end at the beginning of next month. I just love 750 words, but have had issues with Paypal and will absolutely NOT use it any longer. So if I cannot use my credit card, I guess I will have to give up patronage, although I will, no doubt, continue to write here. I have been writing for over a year now and am really willing to continue being a patron, 750 well deserve it!
Please, let us use some other way!

New Feature Request Note from Claude Covo on Wed, Dec 19
1 cup
Totally private version

I met someone the other day and she wrote artists’ pages and said the whole point was that you had to be sure nobody would ever read them, otherwise you wouldn’t be honest with yourself. On reflection, I kind of agree – posting stuff to a database on an internet server, no matter how much you trust it, always makes you feel a little guarded. There are some things I don’t write about…

I guess it could work in a couple of ways. The most dramatic would be a self-destructing version where as soon as you finished writing the words were destroyed and no records kept (this artist said she tore her pages up and burned them after writing every morning).

Or slightly less sever – the same interface, but posts are saved to an encrypted file in Dropbox.


New Feature Request Note from Will Myddelton on Mon, Dec 17
2 cups

So coming into the end of 2012, I hope that next year we all will be able to start 2013 with a focus we developed in 2012, and to have the best year yet with our writing!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Deborah McCann on Sun, Dec 16
6 cups

I didn’t realize that this was the three-year anniversary for I feel as though it has been around for my entire adult life, but really it has only been around for the most recent incarnation, when I left my decades-long public school career and went back to grad school for a doctorate. So many reflections I’ve done here, early in the morning when the house is very quiet. So many papers I’ve worked on, starting with just the bare bones of an idea or two and expanding through the marvelous machine that is this platform. I truly appreciate your contribution to the World Wide Web, and to writers everywhere, Buster Benson, and my paltry monthly donation doesn’t express it strongly enough. Here is a mug or two or three of support and gratitude. I hope you can continue to shepherd new writers to new heights for many years, including this one that is coming up. Happy New Year, and congratulations on a job well done. Good luck with your other projects, as well.
Carol M.

Testimonial Note from Carol Mikoda on Sun, Dec 16
1 cup

Oh, Phooey. I have ended up on the Wall of Shame for this month. I woke up yesterday morning and realized that I had gone to bed early and had not written my words for the day. However, I am back on track, have written in the morning for the past two days (that works much better for me), and will still have written for 30 days this month.
In a broader perspective, I didn’t write anything at all for almost nine months. I returned in mid-Novemeber, and can say that I consider myself to be a writer once again, thanks to I’ll do my penance for this month, and stay with it. I have that 200,000 word badge within reach!

Testimonial Note from MaryBeth Davison Smith on Sat, Dec 15
1 cup

We’ve done it again, some of us, and for the first time for others. Wooots to us! Keep going, 750 worders!!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Kay Vreeland on Sat, Dec 15
1 cup

Congratulations to Buster and the team on the 3rd anniversary of 750words!! Many Happy Returns! That means I’ve been with the site 2/3 of its life—love it and thanks for the work. Make a wish and blow out your 3 candles!

Testimonial Note from Kay Vreeland on Sat, Dec 15
1 cup
A better mobile site

Create real-life badges to sell, like the NaNoWriMo badges you can buy.

New Feature Vote from L0rra1n3 Jam35 on Fri, Dec 14
3 cups
Double Down on Charity Note from L0rra1n3 Jam35 on Fri, Dec 14
2 cups
A better mobile site
New Feature Vote from Sarah Burkett on Thu, Dec 13
1 cup

This site has been a great help to me in getting the negative thought storms cleared out of my mind, in working out plans and dreams, and most importantly, it has improved how I feel about myself. I have always had a problem doing anything consistently, and having the incentive of my ever-growing streak of daily writing is showing me that I am not inherently unreliable. Thank you for providing an avenue for me to discover that about myself.

Testimonial Note from Agatha Renee Rigdon on Sun, Dec 09
2 cups

Well… I did it: I “WON” the NaNoWriMo Challenge (write a novel – 50,000 words minimum – in 30 days. What that means in real life is that I met the word count minimum; the story itself is NOT finished… and yes, I’m working on it. All blame goes to this site: the simple act of showing up daily and turning out the words has singlehandedly knocked me out of the “occasional writer who only does short stuff” box and into a whole new space.- and it feels good to be there. I’m already planning how to handle the research and rewriting necessary to turn my manuscript into a viable story AND wondering about the next book that is twittering in the back of my mind. I’m also planning to work on a poetry book that has been sidelined for at least the last two years… I’m amazed, scared, and electrified at how all this stuff now seems doable (it was merely terrifying before!); keep on typing folks, its worth it!

Testimonial Note from Nancy Carlzen on Sun, Dec 09
1 cup

I was in a writing slump for most of the summer and into the fall when I saw this site come up on a friend’s social page. I checked it out and signed up that very afternoon. That was only 10 days ago but I’m already remembering what I love about writing. What I love about this site is that it’s helping me make writing a habit again. Thanks very much for the site and the motivation – I love ya for it.

Testimonial Note from Anthony J. Allison on Sat, Dec 08
11 cups

I love 750 words because it keeps me healthy. There have been studies done that prove that writing down experiences (especially negative ones) reduces the amount of times someone gets sick in a year. James Pennebaker at the University of Texas did a study about writing which involved people writing down their secrets- 15 minutes a day for four days in a row. They found that these people visited the doctor less than those who wrote about daily nothings. So with that said…if you have secrets….write them down- your body will thank you for it! (Also, they found that if you write them in the first person the first day and then switch to the 3rd person- the people who do that were the least likely to get sick.) I personally have been writing for 330 days in a row and I have not gotten sick this year. It’s free therapy people!

Testimonial Note from Amy K. on Fri, Dec 07
50 cups

Today I hit 1,000 days in a row, and I hit 1 million words a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate this site so much, because it really has driven that habit. Onward…

Double Down on Charity Note from David Schwartz on Thu, Dec 06
1 cup
An iPhone/iPad app
New Feature Vote from SuperJanel on Wed, Dec 05
1 cup

I am utilizing this site in tandem with talk therapy as a way to be more conscious of my tendencies, desires, needs and vulnerabilities. The exercise of writing 750 words each day has provided valuable insights into my inner workings. I often find that the best stuff comes as I approach the 750 word mark. It’s as though the first few hundred words are about getting past barriers of banality and trivia.

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Wed, Dec 05