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750 Words exists because of mutual good will between the people that run this site (Buster & Kellianne) and the people who use it (you). The site wouldn't exist without the generosity, patience, and humor of everyone involved. For the first 3+ years that the site was running (Dec 2009 to May 2013), the site was free to use but with some encouragement to donate. That served us well (and most importantly, generated enough income to keep the site up), but as the site grew the need for support also grew.

On June 12th 2013, all existing users of the site were given lifetime free accounts (we hope you'll continue to donate when you can). New accounts created after June 12th, 2013 are now required to become members within 30 days after signing up in order to keep writing. Everyone will always have access to previous writings, stats, etc, even if they choose not to become members.

We're listening to your feedback and want to make sure that first and foremost, we offer a friendly and safe place for people to dump their private thoughts. I expect that we'll continue to adjust the way this all works for the near term. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Who runs this site?

Our names are Buster and Kellianne, we live in Berkeley, California with our son Niko, and this is something we've built and run in our spare time.

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Notes of inspiration from members

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Mindset badges

Badges would be awarded for ten days in a row with a positive mindset, certain mindset, thinking mindset etc. If, for instance, someone is usually negative, it can be a real challenge to be positive for ten days. If someone is usually very certain, it could be interesting for them to try and be uncertain for a while.

New Feature Request Note from Louisa Hills on Fri, Mar 01
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Good luck to all :-)

One Month Challenge Bounty from luimagirio on Fri, Mar 01
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I’ve been using for the last two years, and last month was my first time making it through a monthly challenge, despite numerous attempts to do so. My trick was simple: I followed the directions. Instead of using 750words to meet writing minimums, I used it for morning-time stream of consciousness. Not only was it a great way to keep a record of the past day and what was stirring in my mind, but it helped me clear and focus my thoughts for the rest of the day. It got me back into my writing habit and showed me what could come forward from my imaginative mind if I quit putting constraints on what should be written and instead wrote as quickly as possible. What a great site for promoting the act of writing!

Testimonial Note from M. Kate Allen on Fri, Mar 01
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750 words has taught me that I can do it.
I waste a lot of time doing inane stuff, browsing the internet, playing games, doing essays, reading- its all boring (bar the reading) and mostly I don;t want to do it. 750 words has taught me that I can put aside an hour of my time a day to do work, to get something done, and not worry about the actual value of what I’m doing. I can write for its own sake, and no one will judge me.
Honestly, the stuff I’ve written hasn’t been very good. I’d say it was a waste of time, and even after a month and a bit I’d still say that; but at least I took away a valuable skill. Hopefully when I’m better I’ll be able to do 750 words a day I’m proud of, or take it somewhere.
I want to do the November Novel challenge later this year, and I hope 750 words, with its simple design, basic colours and flexibility will help me raise my game, even if it goes pay per use.

Testimonial Note from Brian Tyrrell on Fri, Mar 01
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Double Down on Charity Note from Jojibear on Fri, Mar 01
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Double Down on Charity Note from Jack Seberg on Fri, Mar 01
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Thanks for keeping me going! I’d been struggling with my daily writing – backsliding – and I’m back in the grove, now. Somehow I need a place to empty my brain of all of the worthless words before I can sit down and really write. Thanks for providing a place for me to store them all. And who knew I used MY so many times … not me!

Testimonial Note from Thing Two on Fri, Mar 01
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More badges for accomplishments

Evidently these silly badges are keeping me motivated. I’m afraid the more I progress, the harder they are to earn, the less likely I’ll be write. Yikes!

New Feature Vote from Thing Two on Fri, Mar 01
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I just got my badge for writing 50 thousand words in the shortest month of the year! Having the badge goal to work toward really helped me push through the “don’t feel like it” and the “i’m so freaking tired of all this self-awareness” …I don’t think I’d be in a bad place if i hadn’t had the experience and completed the challenge, but I’m definitely in a better place than I was. And it is just a really cool touchstone to be able to refer to and say, “look what I did!!”

Testimonial Note from rebekka on Fri, Mar 01
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Thanks to 750 words I have now written every day since January 1st. In February I finished over 85,000 words—almost completing the first draft of my first novel. Thanks 750 words, couldn’t have done it without you.

Testimonial Note from Jen Connelly on Fri, Mar 01
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I never got the motivation to write everyday until I joined this site. The monthly challenges really keep me going- whether I’m writing a story or just ranting about my day, I feel better once I’ve typed up the 750 word quota at the end of each day. This site is the only one that’s worked for me, and I plan to keep working with it.

Testimonial Note from Krista Elaine Krikourian on Fri, Mar 01
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More text analysis
New Feature Vote from Krista Elaine Krikourian on Fri, Mar 01
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The One Month Challenge was one of the best things I’ve ever done to get me into a steady writing habit. You will come out of a Challenge a better and changed person!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Daniel Potter on Fri, Mar 01
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At the beginning of the new year I started writing a series of short stories, to keep myself on track I have written a chapter a day through 750words, along with a couple of other challenges. This has meant that after 2 months, 60 days, I have written 5 of the stories in the 9 story series, More than halfway through, and hoping to have the series finished by the middle of April… I guess I need to start thinking of my next series! Well worth every penny spent to help out.

Testimonial Note from Shin Rhino on Fri, Mar 01
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I love this site so much. I majored in English Literature in college and used to write every single day. Writing was an important part of my life until I finished law school, had kids, got a house, and got real responsibilities. My oldest son if 15 years old if that gives you any indication as to how long it has been since I’ve had a writing practice. I picked up the artists way and was googling how many typed words morning pages should be and I found this site. My streak has never ended. I’m on day 142 and I can not get enough. I’m just figuring out how the badges and the site works. But I am most enjoying just getting in the habit of writing again. It is such a wonderful stress reliever and it makes me a better person, a better mom, and just more at peace. I hope that I never stop. And I hope that this site never stops even if the price goes up however much it needs to after April 1st. At this point, it is priceless to me and I am more than willing to pay. I am so motivated by the badges and I am so much better after I come here and unload. Thank you so much Buster for keeping this going. I hope you realize how many lives you are touching. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. :)

One Month Challenge Bounty from Shannon D on Fri, Mar 01
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Double Down on Charity Note from amber dawn pullin on Fri, Mar 01
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Being able to identify the daily content.

I use to write everyday (or few consecutive days) on a different topic. I though I could use many of these writings to compile a book. But to search for the content, I have to go, day by day, and try to locate the topic I want to find. It would be great if we could add a “title line” with the content and being able to go through the title lines to easily locate the days in the past you are interested in.

New Feature Request Note from Eduard Lopez on Fri, Mar 01
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I do not have to make sense. Once i accepted that this site is for writing anything, even chaotic flow of 0words i found it easy to achieve 759 words. Sometimes when i skim over what i have written i find a line or two i can use in my poetry.

Testimonial Note from Marc Tretin on Fri, Mar 01
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For the first time in my life, I finished a solid month’s worth of writing in January, two years after I began using this site. Never quite got the hang of it before, and lost the streak quite quickly – I stopped writing daily in February because ***drama***.

But without this daily habit, life felt a lot more cluttered, so I just committed myself to one more year of trying to churn out these words every day. If anything, it’ll remind me to keep trying for everything else that’s worth it.

One Month Challenge Bounty from yuno g. on Fri, Mar 01
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Support of French language for text analysis

I am writing my journal in French and I have seen already a request for support of french in the analysis.
I can write in English, but for writing long texts, french being my mother language, it is more fluid for me.
I can provide some help with finding list of words or reviewing list of french words used for the analysis

New Feature Request Note from Anonymous on Fri, Mar 01
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I finished the month of February challenge! Realizing it was a shorter month, I’m still impressed & surprised with myself for following through with writing every day on – and so I wanted to say, thanks! (& never change?)

Testimonial Note from amber dawn pullin on Thu, Feb 28
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More badges for accomplishments
New Feature Vote from Charlotte M. Schu on Thu, Feb 28
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I just completed February’s Challenge! There were days when I had to make voice notes to make 750 words and nights when my eyes were blinking to complete before midnight but I DID IT! And I promised myself a massage if I wrote 750 words per day for the month and have my appointment already set up thanks to a Travelzoo email two days ago. I can now tell my students what it’s like pushing yourself to do something that matters only to you when life is raining lemons on your head. There’s a sweet relief that comes when one keeps one’s promises. I believe this will send ripple effects into the universe and beyond. Here’s to you, all who try, try and try again!

Testimonial Note from Word Skwirl on Thu, Feb 28
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I just completed my first One Month Challenge, and I’m eager to get my Turquoise Stallion! After letting my dissertation languish for an embarrassing length of time, I signed up for February’s challenge as a motivational tool. The amount I have written over the past month has been astounding. I didn’t know I had so much to say! I almost lost hope of ever completing my dissertation, but 750words helped me regain my momentum and my confidence. Thank you, Buster, for creating such a simple yet effective website. Good luck to everyone who is signed up for next month’s challenge!

One Month Challenge Bounty from L. King on Thu, Feb 28
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My longest streak has only been 27 days since I joined this site 18 months ago. I failed miserably to write earlier this month on day 2 of the challenge. But 750words has been such a positive influence on my life. I am grateful for the daily reminders to write. And every time I write I am filled with so much energy and promise. So I am signing up for March with renewed determination. I will cross the finish line. Thanks Buster!

Testimonial Note from Armi Rowe on Thu, Feb 28
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I can’t believe how much I’ve integrated the whole process into my days. I can’t go forward until I’ve written here each morning. I just do the stream of consciousness style and it helps me to see what’s important to me right now. I’ve wanted to do this for a long long time and I’m so glad that it’s become a part of my life. Thanks.

Testimonial Note from Michael Wayne Cole on Thu, Feb 28
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February I missed two days. For that I shall offer 2 cups for March. I will earn them back this month.

One Month Challenge Bounty from Jen Hendrix on Thu, Feb 28
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When I write each morning, I’m often surprised by the thoughts that take shape in my mind and then pour out through my fingertips. I love the moments when my subconscious surfaces and voices thoughts, feelings, opinions that have been hidden moments before. The simple pitterpatter of the key strokes inspires a meditative state and allows me to go much deeper and much more compassionately into myself. For this, I’m grateful. For this, I will continue to write.

Testimonial Note from Carolyn on Thu, Feb 28
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Write on 826!

Double Down on Charity Note from Joann R on Wed, Feb 27
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Double Down on Charity Note from Brandy Hamilton on Wed, Feb 27