The Friends & Members of 750 Words

750 Words exists because of mutual good will between the people that run this site (Buster & Kellianne) and the people who use it (you). The site wouldn't exist without the generosity, patience, and humor of everyone involved. For the first 3+ years that the site was running (Dec 2009 to May 2013), the site was free to use but with some encouragement to donate. That served us well (and most importantly, generated enough income to keep the site up), but as the site grew the need for support also grew.

On June 12th 2013, all existing users of the site were given lifetime free accounts (we hope you'll continue to donate when you can). New accounts created after June 12th, 2013 are now required to become members within 30 days after signing up in order to keep writing. Everyone will always have access to previous writings, stats, etc, even if they choose not to become members.

We're listening to your feedback and want to make sure that first and foremost, we offer a friendly and safe place for people to dump their private thoughts. I expect that we'll continue to adjust the way this all works for the near term. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Who runs this site?

Our names are Buster and Kellianne, we live in Berkeley, California with our two sons (Niko and Louie) and this is something we've built and run in our spare time.

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Notes of inspiration from members

1 cup

I just handed in my masters thesis and 750 Words was an integral part of that process. So much of my thinking and drafting was worked out on these pages over the past 56 mornings. Thanks are also due to Stan James and Diana Kimball for their coincidentally coordinated nudges. I was reminded of 750 Words right when I needed it most.

Testimonial Note from Sara M. Watson on Tue, Jul 23
5 cups
Fastest words/minute

I’m a numbers addict and while the graph already vaguely tells you how fast you were typing during your fastest minutes, I’d like to see the exact number how many words I wrote during my fastest minute.

As I said, it can be seen from the brilliant graph, but not exactly. Also, speaking of the graph I’d hope the numbers on the axis in it were fixed and not adjusted based on how fast you wrote – at least give the option. Cause when the top is some odd number like 77 it becomes even harder to figure out how fast you were writing from the bars.

Anyway that’s just nerding out with the numbers which I love, I won’t mind either way. As I’ve stated before, I love this site regardless and it has become a big part of my life.


New Feature Request Note from Jarkko Helenius on Mon, Jul 22
1 cup
One Month Challenge Bounty from Roxana Star on Mon, Jul 22
1 cup

I’m finding this website great for just writing about my day or stream of consciousness stuff of what comes up while I’m typing. I’m finding it very helpful to just purge my brain of particular thoughts instead of going around and around on particular topics without really getting anywhere.
Cheers for the awesome resource!

Testimonial Note from Brie on Mon, Jul 22
1 cup
Secure server for writing

It’d honestly make me feel better.

New Feature Vote from m on Mon, Jul 22
1 cup
Improve the daily reminder email

I think it might perhaps be generative for the daily email reminder to occasionally include a suggested writing prompt for the day. It could be highly philosophical or pedestrian, but either way the suggestion as a starter might help clear away the cobwebs on those uninspired days.

New Feature Vote from Brooke Champagne on Sun, Jul 21
5 cups

From Positive to Negative to Positive

So, I spend the last month or so averaging ‘Negative’ in my overall lexical anal
ysis, and that BOTHERED me, that I was negative. “I’m not negative!” I groused,
“Look! Every day, I’m WAY positive, so why am I averaging negative?”

I was really positive about the whole experience of being (acurately) labeled ‘n

rolls eyes head-desk

But, today, I’ve just pushed the average analytical factors to ‘positive,’ again
, and so I’m now back at the top of my form and back in the game! … really exc
ited, even, to have to be working today and tomorrow for work, just because mana
gement says so, and who am I to turn down overtime?

Always a silver lining, I pray, … I just have to be strong enough to look for
it, even though that’s really hard sometimes.

Now, also, I’m working on something that I’ve never measurably done: extroversio
n. Really cool! I get to choose to be shy and quiet and thoughtful (and, oh, so smart!) or I can be outgoing and confident … and thoughtful and smart, too, bu
t instead of keeping that to myself and in my world, I can try to share it, and
to see if it lights up other people’s faces, and see if I like that, and see for
how long I wish to maintain that.

Extroversion. I’ve never, ever remembered myself being this way, but, for the pa
st month the analytics have been candy-red (‘Extroverted’) not silver-turquoise
(‘Introverted’) … so I actually can be diplomatic and customer-facing, a trust
ed and dependable liaison, instead of just a brilliant and dependable algorist a
nd subject-matter expert in category theory.

I can write and publish my stories, and I can spend time with my family, playing
with them, and having a great time doing it: sharing myself, not just to the pa
ge, but to others.

I can be me, and I can have plenty of space of you in my life.


Now, I’m going to go off by myself and work all weekend while my dear wife takes the girls to the museum, and, now, I’m going to make time for family, too. I’ll remember my contributions to math and technology, and historical and science fiction, and I’ll also treasure my time spent with family and friends, the people
in my life.

love, geophf

Testimonial Note from geophf on Sat, Jul 20
1 cup

This is my first virtual cup of coffee. Hope it tastes good! cheers

One Month Challenge Bounty from Juan Calderón on Sat, Jul 20
2 cups

750 Words has helped me through the transition into high school in a way nothing else has. Once I developed a rhythm of writing, it helped me relax during applications, calm down while waiting to hear back, and gave me something to rely on when things got stressful. Not only has my writing improved, but my general mental state and level of stress as well! It’s a great way to calm down, either jumping into a character’s subconsciousness or just writing from your own.

Testimonial Note from Alexa Herondale on Sat, Jul 20
6 cups

I was a temporary member, needing an exercise regime to clear my head and break a log-jam. It worked. Thank you. I’m out of here now but with gratitude.

Testimonial Note from Steve Tilley on Fri, Jul 19
4 cups

750 Words has been a wonderful discovery for me. You mention The Artists Way and the morning pages, about 10 years ago that book and those morning pages was a life-saver for me during a stressful life period.

Your site has rekindled that daily journaling that I had let lapse these last few years. Thank you for developing this site and maintaining it.

Testimonial Note from John Morgan on Thu, Jul 18
1 cup
Edit Metadata

Hi there! It would be great if we could delete or alter our metadata list. The other day I added metadata accidentally by writing the word “SO:” – I said “so” because I was a concluding a thought, capitalized for emphasis, and followed with a colon because I was making a list…but now the word SO is in my metadata – with nothing after it. It would be nice if I could erase that from my eternal list of metadata – because “SO” is not something I will ever use again as a metadata signifier. It would be great if you could delete things that you no longer want to appear (ideas or to-dos that have already been accomplished for example), or change the name of a category of metadata, or move a piece of metadata from one category to another. I realize this would require much fancier programming…But maybe something for the future!

New Feature Request Note from Pacifica Noel on Thu, Jul 18
12 cups

Wow! Did I miss writing everyday. There for awhile I just cold quit. Let me just say that was a huge mistake. If anything, it would have helped me continue to get through the tough times. I hope to have another 560 day streak. Let the writing begin!

Testimonial Note from Derrick Woolfson on Wed, Jul 17
1 cup
Ability to change from 750 minimum word count to any number over 750

Those of us motivated enough, or comfortable enough with 750 words a day would love a challenge. (Not that I’m one of them yet, but one day I plan to be!) Allow us to set our minimum daily word count to any number over 750, and let us motivate ourselves to even higher levels!

New Feature Request Note from Chetan Surpur on Wed, Jul 17
1 cup

Did you know that if you have the available data on your phone you can use it to enter your 750 words and that way you won’t break your streak? That’s what I did in the month of June so that I could be Awesome! and meet the challenge. My husband wanted to go down to the beach for a night walk (and who could refuse that) but that’s when I remembered I hadn’t written my words yet. So I jumped in the car and got out my phone and went online and wrote my words. And now I am Awesome! You can do it too so you don’t break your streak.

Testimonial Note from Sameerah El-Amin on Mon, Jul 15
2 cups

Had a streak of 166 days, but a couple of days ago I got so busy that I didn’t get to do my entry and killed my streak. ): So now I’m starting fresh and hoping to write something good again (even though I have to finish editing the story I wrote).

Testimonial Note from Amber Lynne on Sun, Jul 14
1 cup

Hello Writers!
As a former English professor and a current psychotherapist, I know the power of journaling and freewriting, so I just wanted to say – keep writing everybody! (See James Pennebaker research.)

I’m glad I found this site. There’s something to be said for writing long-hand, which I try to do as much as possible. Yet the ease of keeping this online journal has moved me from writing every 2-3 days, to writing almost every day. Thanks so much 750 Words.

Testimonial Note from Katelynn on Sun, Jul 14
1 cup
Improve the daily reminder email
New Feature Vote from Leah L on Sat, Jul 13
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

More badges for intervals and maybe also some more for things like speed/words in certain time frames like per month or fortnight etc.

New Feature Vote from Leah L on Sat, Jul 13
1 cup

This month I got serious about my 750 words. I am a flamingo now, and I will zoom through to earning all the other badges too.

Using this site on both my computer and my iPhone has brought me so many blessings already. Poetry happened, ideas for stories and other awesome things. Also a lot of blah wrote itself out on paper and then freed my mind for more art and more writing. I am so grateful for this website, I can see myself finish my first monthly challenge in a couple of weeks. Many more will follow, I know that already, as it truly is essential for my art.

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Sat, Jul 13
1 cup

“I know that I know nothing” except, perhaps, that this site is a valuable tool for me. I am so grateful that it is here. I usually write late, often during the last hour of the day, but I get the job done. To gratitude and love and commitment and knowing nothing.

Testimonial Note from Jolie Curry on Fri, Jul 12
5 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from Maria Gardner on Fri, Jul 12
1 cup

Curses! Foiled again!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Charles J on Fri, Jul 12
1 cup

I am so, so grateful for the reminder emails that Buster has programmed into this site. Usually I write my words somewhat after midnight so I’m sure I get them in for the day. And I love the dewy red rose I get each morning saying that I’ve done my words.

Night before last I was up all night with a project after entering my words, so all was fine. But last night, due to the lack of sleep the night before, I fell asleep and forgot to do my words. Today, being a bit disoriented, I looked in my email for my red rose and was dismayed to find a reminder email. Praise the Lord (and Buster), that triggered the realization that I had not yet done my words for today! So here I am finishing them now. That email saved my 172 day streak! Thank you so much, Buster!

Testimonial Note from Bhavani on Wed, Jul 10
1 cup

I am a poet, or at least i try to be. Well, a poem that was derived from ideas created on this web site, was accepted by The Massachusetts Review. Writing seven hundred fifty words is what i do before breakfast and it what i do everyday. Some days i just sneak it in after breakfasta and some days it is not before noon that i do it but it is done.
God Bless you Buster and Kelliann

Testimonial Note from Marc Tretin on Tue, Jul 09
1 cup
An iPhone/iPad app


New Feature Vote from Kate Cavalcante on Tue, Jul 09
1 cup
More badges!!

I would love to see more badges and possibly a counter to see how long it will take for you to earn a certain badge.

New Feature Request Note from Kate Cavalcante on Tue, Jul 09
4 cups
More badges for accomplishments
New Feature Vote from Redaly on Mon, Jul 08
1 cup

This site is great for journaling. The badges help keep you motivated and you can really see your writing improve in a short time. I did over 100,000 words in three months, which is amazing to me. Thank you, 750.

Testimonial Note from [][] on Sun, Jul 07
1 cup
monthly stats for completed months

Thank you so much for 750 words! Now that I’m actually doing it (for almost 2 months now), I definitely feel less stress as I head off to work each morning. I wasn’t expecting that. I started writing to get over writer’s block that was putting me behind at work (I’m a grant writer.), but I’ve discovered many more personal benefits. I used to write in a journal before bed years ago. But I like morning pages better and love the stats. On days when I don’t want to get up or I’m running late, knowing that I need to write before I leave the house gives me that little push to get going.

I would love to see monthly stats (in addition to daily stats) for completed months. It would give a better view of overall progress for typing speed, time to completion, average number of words over the long term.


New Feature Request Note from bohemiangirl on Sun, Jul 07