The Friends & Members of 750 Words

750 Words exists because of mutual good will between the people that run this site (Buster & Kellianne) and the people who use it (you). The site wouldn't exist without the generosity, patience, and humor of everyone involved. For the first 3+ years that the site was running (Dec 2009 to May 2013), the site was free to use but with some encouragement to donate. That served us well (and most importantly, generated enough income to keep the site up), but as the site grew the need for support also grew.

On June 12th 2013, all existing users of the site were given lifetime free accounts (we hope you'll continue to donate when you can). New accounts created after June 12th, 2013 are now required to become members within 30 days after signing up in order to keep writing. Everyone will always have access to previous writings, stats, etc, even if they choose not to become members.

We're listening to your feedback and want to make sure that first and foremost, we offer a friendly and safe place for people to dump their private thoughts. I expect that we'll continue to adjust the way this all works for the near term. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Who runs this site?

Our names are Buster and Kellianne, we live in Berkeley, California with our son Niko, and this is something we've built and run in our spare time.

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Notes of inspiration from members

2 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from Tamar Nicole Mortensen on Tue, Aug 13
1 cup
Improve the daily reminder email
New Feature Vote from Tamar Nicole Mortensen on Tue, Aug 13
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments
New Feature Vote from Charlotte M. Schu on Sun, Aug 11
1 cup
One Month Challenge Bounty from Charlotte M. Schu on Sun, Aug 11
4 cups

This site has saved my life. I started writing after a suicide attempt. The mental discipline and focus that writing 750 words each day brought to my life gave me a strong and clear internal vision that continues to steer me in a direction that is finally leading to artistic accomplishment.
Bipolar disorder sucks, but I feel like I finally have some reins on this wild pony. As Charles Bukowski said, "Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead. " I’m going some where now, so I can finally understand what he is talking about.
Thank you so much Buster!

Testimonial Note from Corbie Walker on Sat, Aug 10
4 cups

This site is amazing! I missed one day on the August challenge so I bit the bullet and gave 4 cups of patronage. But this site has been a fantastic tool for clearing my mind, sharpening my goals and priorities, and being an excellent place to start writing bits and pieces for my thesis!

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Sat, Aug 10
1 cup

Although I write my daily pages in Russian, so I can’t use all features of this site (such as frequently used words, emotions or concerns), still I find it very useful for me. It helps me to avoid procrastination. Thank you!

Testimonial Note from Maria on Sat, Aug 10
1 cup
Daily reminders - only if words not completed

My suggestion is to have an option for daily reminders that will only send if the user’s daily words have not already been completed.

For example, I could have it set to email me at 10pm each night if my words are not already complete. But if I finished them, no email.

I know this would be useful to someone like me who doesn’t want a daily email.


New Feature Request Note from Glorianna de Lena on Fri, Aug 09
2 cups
NSA proofed encryption

At the moment there is a big public discussion in germany about the NSA spying on our emails and data. It feels uneasy to write about my inner personal issues with that in mind. Is there any encryption in your dataflow? Or should I suppose that some federal agent is reading my diary?
Thanks for the good work,

New Feature Request Note from Subliminal_Kid on Fri, Aug 09
1 cup
Different definition of 'Days'

On Timehop, a day is defined as lasting past midnight into the early morning. I often miss the midnight deadline for days, as I’m awake past this time, and things start to get messy. Maybe there could be a ‘night owl’ option to make the site work better for people like me?

New Feature Request Note from Christiaan Hendriksen on Thu, Aug 08
1 cup
More text analysis
New Feature Vote from Christiaan Hendriksen on Thu, Aug 08
1 cup

I love this site. I’ve already recommended it to all the creative people I know!

Testimonial Note from Lisa Franek on Thu, Aug 08
1 cup

750words has been really great for my productivity and for my mental health! i’m so so glad it exists, its the best!! :)

Testimonial Note from Alex Adams on Thu, Aug 08
3 cups

A testimonial note for to celebrate 250,000 words!
Today I am actually celebrating 50 days in a row. And since there isn’t a badge for that, I am making my own party. I have passed 50 day before, but why not celebrate it again?!!! A few weeks ago I hit 250,00 words and that one milestone surprised me. I have been writing about a year on this site, and so much has changed for me because of the the role that writing now plays in my lifestyle. I finally see myself as a writer. I am working on several projects simultaneously, but what has changed is that now, I can say that I am honestly WORKING on them. I also use the site to clear my head, and it means a lot to me to have this clear sacred space to come to on a regular basis. So my testimony is a phrase of encouragement that I learned in one of my addictions courses. “It works when you work it.” That’s it. Keep on coming here, and we will all be cheering you on. Thanks to everyone who makes this site a reality. We love it!

CHB in Chicago

Testimonial Note from Crystal Harris on Wed, Aug 07
1 cup

At first I didn’t think typing “Morning Pages” would prove as beneficial as writing them by hand. I was wrong. The badges, statistics and privacy of make it all worth it. Thank you!

Testimonial Note from Suz Rice on Wed, Aug 07
4 cups

I just became a Pteradactyl!! This site has made an enormous contribution to my life. I would never have written consistently for 200 days without it. Heck, I wouldn’t have written consistently for a week without it. I find the motivation of the badges to be magical. Thanks again and again, Buster and Kellianne.

Testimonial Note from Bhavani on Wed, Aug 07
1 cup

I’ve been using this site for a few years now, and have found it incredibly useful for getting my writing started in the morning, but I’ve also used it to create drafts of letters and stories. I’ve lost my badges a few times, but I still write lots more than I did without 750 words.

Testimonial Note from Ryan Millar on Wed, Aug 07
1 cup

This site is truly a gift. Participating as often as possible improves my life immensely.

Testimonial Note from Anonymous on Tue, Aug 06
35 cups
Secure server for writing
New Feature Vote from C. Wood on Tue, Aug 06
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments
New Feature Vote from Pandorah on Tue, Aug 06
2 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from Pandorah on Tue, Aug 06
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

Could some badges be added between the 30 day and 100 day streaks?

I got the 30 day badge, yay! It was astonishingly motivating. I didn’t think I could do it. But now, well, maybe I could make it to 40 days. Or even 50!

But 100 days is too intimidating to even contemplate. So now I wonder if I’ll be able to get any more badges. I want badges!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful site. :)

New Feature Vote from Karen VS on Tue, Aug 06
1 cup

I missed a day in the August challenge, so don’t do what I did — get to writing! Although, I was spending quality time with my family, which you can do, too. Go get ’em, tigers.

One Month Challenge Bounty from Kristen Sisaithong on Mon, Aug 05
1 cup
More badges for accomplishments

I feel like once I reach 500 days, I would just stop writing. I feel like I only write everyday just to get all the badges.

New Feature Vote from Francisco Guzman II on Mon, Aug 05
4 cups
More badges for accomplishments

Badges help me a lot with writing. I feel incredibly accomplished when I look upon my little profile thing and see almost two whole rows of cute, unique badges that I earned. The more badges, the better incentive I have!

New Feature Vote from Alexa Herondale on Mon, Aug 05
1 cup
Keep the red squiggly.

I saw a note that someone had suggested removing the red squiggly lines under mis or oddly spelled words. I would suggest that if any changes are made it be made an option. I like the red squiggly. I think it helps my spelling and my typing. Flow is a good thing…. but it’s not everything. Thanks.

New Feature Request Note from mkpladsen on Sun, Aug 04
1 cup

I’ll add a cup of patronage to the monthly bounty. I’ve got a 202 day streak going – excuse the bragging – but I’ve only signed up for one month challenge. I need to do that I guess.
Love this place. Love you.

One Month Challenge Bounty from mkpladsen on Sun, Aug 04
1 cup

I am a newbie to the site and to the challenge of 750 words…but do have goals! And this site helps me meet those goals!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Sue Darby on Sun, Aug 04
2 cups
One Month Challenge Bounty from Sammikins Wolfling on Sat, Aug 03
1 cup
Improve the writing page

The redlines are insufferable. I know I misspelled a word, or I know I did not, and either way it distracts and takes away from stream of consciousness writing that I attempt to do, because my fingers want to “quickly” correct the problem. If there is not a way to shut that off (I don’t know if there is, I certainly didn’t see any) then please make there be a way to. Just a toggle switch at the beginning so I can not have it there.

New Feature Vote from A. M. Maddock on Sat, Aug 03