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A Note of Inspiration from sarahwhelmed

1 cup

I wish I could title my daily entires and see them listed. I know I could type the title in the first line and deal with all that on export, but it would help me to remember what I was musing about and how I was feeling from day to day if I could see even the first sentence of the entries you have stored for me in a given month. I have envisioned exporting on a monthly basis, but I suspect I’ll be doing it more frequently as I get into less spontaneous writing and more writing with prompts…. all part of my master plan, bwa ha ha ha….

I am extremely happy to have seen a recommendation for this site on Twitter. I feel extremely fortunate for the nudge that it gives me to write every day. I’m only a turkey now, but wait and see…. ;-)

New Feature Request Note from sarahwhelmed on Thu, Feb 03
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