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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Hal Tepfer

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Hello, Buster. Thanks, first of all, for putting this together; I look forward to writing my entry every day, which – I hope – is making me thing more and enjoy life more.
Here’s my thought: there are times when I have time to write but no internet connection. Sometimes it’s due to where I am (e.g. outside a client meeting, where there’s no available wifi) or something technical (e.g. the connection at home or work is iffy), so I write in another piece of software (Word, Pages, text editor, whatever’s easy) and then when I do get connected, I do a cut-and-paste. Which is fine (I know), but it screws up the times (“bam!” or “0:01 minutes”). So, it’d be nice if I could do the c-and-p when I need to BUT then be asked about how long it took me to do it. Sure, I’d be estimating (or, I guess, turn on some kind of stopwatch) and there’d be the trust/truth issue (although, why I’d lie about this is beyond me).

So, thanks again for what you’ve done. I’m excited that I’m only a couple of months away from 365 days! (my next personal goal).

Hal Tepfer

New Feature Request Note from Hal Tepfer on Thu, Jan 27
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