The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from MaryBeth Davison Smith

2 cups

It feels great to be writing again. Your site is so friendly and whimsical — I am surprised at how “usually non-competitive me” is completely jazzed and motivated by those crazy badges!
The first few days, I was watching the word counter and doing a lot of padding to get to 750. Then, the other day, I was so deeply into my thoughts that I didn’t notice the pop-up saying I had hit 750. I blew right through it and stopped at over 900. Wouldn’t have believed that was possible a few weeks ago.
Clearing out the mind junk on 750words really helps ideas to flow later in the day — good ideas! I’m recommending you to all my friends, whether they consider themselves to be writers or not. Who doesn’t love flamingos?

Testimonial Note from MaryBeth Davison Smith on Wed, Dec 15
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