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A Note of Inspiration from Quibbleable

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Woo-Hoo! I got my NANO badge.
Thankfully, these words are: “Private, unfiltered, spontaneous, daily” which means that no one need know just how un-novel-like my novel became. What I /did/ get is a burst of creativity, some clear looking into the functioning (or not) of my brain (& what happens when I ask it to produce even when it’s told me it doesn’t FEEL like it), and a sense of accomplishment. Oh, & now I get to look at the analysis of my novel and look at pretty graphs of it. Why do my characters seem to have an unnatural affinity toward “knowing”, and what is it with the wilderness creatures!!!

Anyway, big toast to Buster & a tool that kept me plugging away at it every day (except when the internet was away)… I used this as my primary writing medium so the whole “oops-I-didn’t-paste” issue was solved… my sympathies to those who missed a day. I know the heartbreak. But someday, like a flamingo, you will rise… (it’ll take you a while to rise like a phoenix…)


Testimonial Note from Quibbleable on Mon, Nov 29
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