The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Maria Zalessky

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I’m amazed with how much more clearly I’m thinking. Recently, I won my second one-month challenge, right around the time I got my 100,000 words badge, and the day I discovered it, I feel like the smile on my face didn’t go away for days. There’s a really honest sense of accomplishment that comes from this sort of experience. While it’s hard to explain why simply writing three pages every day affects my state of mind so profoundly, anyone who sticks with this project for long enough inevitably comes to know the lasting effect a consistent writing habit visits on people. Though the following statement will require a quick knock on wood, it should be said. I don’t think I could miss a day now if I tried! Great project, and super helpful!

Testimonial Note from Maria Zalessky on Thu, Nov 04
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