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A Note of Inspiration from Member Sumisu

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When I started this, I was full of thoughts. I had tried journaling in the past – but I could never contain how much I wrote and I would always look back on it with such shame. I was getting tired of feeling shame and I was desperate looking for something to help me just decompress my thoughts. I found this site on someone’s top ten list of daily writing sites. I liked the idea of 750 words of anything I wanted helping me cope with daily life. It has been a phenomenal experience so far. I know have a better way to cope than I did more than a month ago. My therapist highly approves of this site and the use I have for it. Being a military spouse you feel on days when your spouse is gone you are going to explode. I wish I had had this during last year’s deployment (first for me and my husband) and I am glad I have this for the next one.

Testimonial Note from Sumisu on Fri, Sep 23
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