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A Note of Inspiration from Squeaky Pizza

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It’s mornings like this one, where the conditions are just right, and I finally feel safe mentally and that I have enough space to come back to my words that I really appreciate it. When the stress takes me, it’s hard to see that I have always known that getting the words out of my head can probably help to make it an easier ride. I don’t always remember that as quickly, though. And so, on the randomly perfect morning when the stars align and I have enough willpower from what has been drained of me by my problems to sit down and face myself through writing my thoughts, I suddenly feel the sense of happiness, reality, and calm that I have been without for however long. Sometimes a few days. Sometimes a couple of weeks. I just know that once I come back to it, that I always feel good again and that taking time to say the things I have swimming in my head out loud to these pages leaves me with less to be ashamed of than I probably thought for the time just spent stressing out.

My name is Squeakypizza and I have adhd, major depression, and anxiety. I don’t tolerate stress well and it affects me easily. I enjoy writing almost, as much as, or more than 750 words to help manage how I’m feeling so that I can more easily remember that I’m not as terrible of a person as I tend to think I am and that life is a lot easier than I tend to make it out to be. I have infinite gratitude for this website’s existence. Thank you.

Testimonial Note from Squeaky Pizza on Tue, Sep 06
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