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A Note of Inspiration from Member Ashleigh Gauch

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Two of the short stories I’ve written since starting 750 words have been published. On a 116 day streak now, I’ve found my writing has improved every day that I’ve spent here. I usually use it more as a mind-dump than a motivator to work on fiction, but it’s precisely that mind-dump that allows me to work on said fiction when I’m done. With all of this world’s worries left on the page, I can dive headfirst into the worlds I’m crafting in my mind, with no hesitation or distractions from stray thoughts. It really is amazing. Plus, this site introduced me to The Artist’s Way, which I completed three weeks ago and really got my creative juices pumping. I approach everything in totally new ways, and I can’t wait to report to the page every day before I start my work. Thank you Kelianne and Buster, for your wonderful site, the badges that encourage me never to miss a day, and the introduction to the book that saved my life and started my career.

Testimonial Note from Ashleigh Gauch on Thu, Sep 01
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